found moto art

i friggin love robots. especially ones that ride bikes.....


reraked?......xs650 chopper from japan

i posted previous pics of this bike that i got from sp@retime years ago. it appears that the rake has been set back to a "normal" range, along with a set of bars and different pipes. quite a few details have changed, but it looks like all for the better.

a t.v. junkie already


xs650 digger/longbike/chopper

have you seen this bike and/or do you have any more pics of it? i just want to see some finished pics or maybe a story or something on it. the frame is friggin bonkers! it all looks spot on and well put together. i have an urge to build a long bike and this one inspires in so many ways. anyone? origin of pic? anything? shoot me an email if you got some info or post up in the comments.