xs650 tracker/hillclimber?

i have searched a ton, and haven't found but one pic of this bike. i know it is from a bike show in japan(YOKOHAMA), but couldn't find any more pics on sp@retime. if you have any more pics or info, please e-mail them to me.


flatironmike's flathead gooseneck

this bike is the epitome of cool. FIM is one of the best garage builders ever, period. check his credentials, you won't be disappointed...


xs650 karate part 5 : pipes/electric box tacked into place

got the pipes tacked together this weekend and a couple of mounts for the electric box started. not much fab work left to do but coil mount and other misc. jibberish i won't bore you with. also check out the mid controls if you haven't seen them yet.


slice "n" dice lane splitter xs650

looks like a front loop from a triumph modified for the xs650 motor. i like where this one is headed minus the bars. to each his own i suppose. either way, these guys are putting out some cool builds. hopefully an update on this one soon with more info from Twig. otherwise, check out their blog and see what's going on...


i got ahold of Twig to get some real info on this build....

Yeah the lane splitter is a bit of everything I had sitting in my shop. 59 550cc Triumph top tube and neck the rest of the frame I made. Hand made tank and bars. A 23" vintage moto-x wheel laced to a mini drum hub paired with a 16" rear laced to a XS650 hub,Stainless spokes, and brass adjusters. The front end consists of 05 sporty forks chopped 90cm.

Stay tuned.