vintage race photos

i am still sifting through tons of cool vintage pics and various info here------------->CLICK


sr400 street tracker/custom

check out reynal motor cycle works here -------------------->CLICK


sr400 street tracker/custom

mcroots built--------------------------->CLICK


vintage race photo : suzuki x6 vs. 250 ducati

only recently have i discovered the suzuki x6 due to one listed locally on craigslist. it was in immaculate condition, and if cash wasn't so tight i would be tearing up the streets through all 6 speeds.


cb750 : moonbeam tuck

shortened up some universal headlight brackets this week. hot damn what a difference. finally starting to check some stuff off the list, yet it still grows...


w650 street tracker

this beast has been put through the ring of awesome.

check the flickr here------------->CLICK