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okay kids, it's storytime...

in 2004 i decided i wanted to build a "bobber". i didn't know shit about bikes other than how to ride one, and for the most part only rode dirt bikes. i looked around, and bought a 2002 honda shadow vlx 600 to chop. not sure why i chose that model bike to this day, but for four years i modified everything i could get my hands on to make it look better. as it got closer to completion i totally hated most of what i had done to it, and was ready to move on to something less fat/pro-street. my brother was looking for something like mine, so he jumped at the chance to buy. fast forward two years, and now it is back in my possession getting some bugs worked out so i can sell it for him. it's kinda weird seeing it again, and riding it around the neighborhood. i learned almost everything i know about bikes because of this one. anyways, it's up for sale if you wanna buy. $4500 obo located in Bentonville, AR. shoot me an e-mail if you are interested.


triumph daytona t100 racer

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twine ball run

30 days to get shit sorted and make it happen. spread the word.

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xt600 cafe

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average day for a whipper snapper

cb450 street tracker/bratstyle

this machine is spot on!

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ducati scrambler


tiger rug....................................CHECK
female hunter...........................CHECK
ducati scrambler.......................CHECK

what's not to like?


vintage drag race

xs650 cafe

i think this pic was taken at joints this year in japan. anyone have any other shots of this bike by chance?


xs650 chopper

Justin’s road to chopper glory all started out within the package of a bone stock 1979 xs650. For about a year or so, he rode the beast in stock configuration whilst planning its demise/rebirth. With a pile of parts and a good idea of what he wanted to build, it was time to start chopping.

The bike was completely disassembled, to begin trimming the fat. Extra tabs and bracketry fell victim to a variety of cutting tools. A hardtail from G&L choppers had been welded on, along with the newly fabbed neck gussets, battery box, and assorted mounts. A multitude of parts began to find their place within his vision. Aaron at Vanguard Cycle whipped up a set of 2” under forks, some nicely shaved legs, and his signature 21” mini drum. Any ordinary bars just wouldn’t do the front end justice, so a set was commissioned from Craig at Front Street Cycle. Rounding out the parts rodeo was a shallow tunneled Wassell, cheapo seat snatched from E-bay, stock front fender repurposed to the rear, and a mag wheel for some extra class.

With the fab work done, it was time to move on to some color. Justin’s father played a huge role in this bike’s completion. Armed with some rattle cans, and a crap ton of talent, he sprayed every part on this build including the far out lace job you see on the frisco tank. How rad is that?

Just like most builds, the bike is never truly finished. Plans are already in the works for some new pipes and a possible jockey shift setup. With that said, THANKS go out to all that have helped in the process, especially Justin’s Dad.