ozark mountain scramble

it's official. there are still some loose ends to tie up, but the general route and date has been determined. lodging currently is the only questionable item at the moment, but rest assured it will come to fruition. with the date set for June of next year, you have plenty of time to get a work horse assembled and your calenders cleared for three days. i'll try and update whenever new information comes to light. any and all other information will be mainly kept here----------------------------------->CLICK

feel free to spread the word around.


KZ400 build/entry : part 1

picked up this kz400 for $100 last thursday. has decent compression, but is missing a set of carbs. a trip to the local PD is in order this week to do a VIN check. if all is good, i can start the bonded title process and get this beast in full swing.

$500 budget yeehaw!

555 tweaked

i have decided that next year i want to do something epic. something out of my comfort zone, and something i can reflect upon in my older age. a couple years ago there was a group of guys that started an idea called the 555. ----------------------->CLICK

the idea was/is rad as hell, and it had a pretty good turnout. i believe it was then repeated in reverse direction the following year. ---------------------->CLICK

with all that said, i am in the planning stages of a very similar run of my own with some rule tweakage. at the moment i have put together what little free cash i have to pick up a bike that falls within the criteria listed below. i encourage others out there to do the same. the time and date have yet to be selected along with the route, but it will be fun as hell to do. suggestions are welcome.

the rules:

  • 1980 or older motorcycle
  • Spend less than a total of $1000 on the purchase, build and prep
  • Total displacement of motorcycle cannot exceed 750cc

the run has been created. if you build it, they will come---------------->CLICK