bike found : hooray!

got some great news that Shawn's bike is now back in his possession and all in one piece. the chopper gods are smiling down upon us today!


iconic bike stolen : have you seen it?

Shawn's bike has been snatched up and we need your help. If you have seen this bike or know any information regarding it's whereabouts, please contact me immediately. This bike and it's rider have seen more miles than most will ever see, and it would be a damn shame for the bond they share be shattered into a parts pile. Last seen in the Greater Calgary area.


cr125 drag racer

all kinds of awesome going on here.


vintage race photo

cotton cougar scrambler 250


vintage race photo

velocette ktt



kz400 minimal wiring diagram

i'll be tossing the starter once i get it tuned to a one kicker.


vintage helmet paint options

third one up/down from the far right.


kz400 build/entry : part 2

it's about time i do an update on the build. i am slowly getting the single carb intake flanges made, but the brushes on my dremel burned out the other day leaving me high and dry. with idle time available, i decided to whip up a bird deflector for the carb.

it still needs a good screen/foam setup in there somewhere, but three set screws hold it in place real nice and snug.

out of boredom i photoshopped a new tail on the bike, which has lead me to a whole new level of confusion as to what direction the build will go. i'm leaning towards option one, but both are really appealing.

option #1

option #2




rickman 750 kawi triple

so pretty. want to crack the throttle.



rickman metisse glory


kawasaki triple 2 stroke chopper

i want to know more!



vintage helmet scores

a good buddy of mine snatched up the bell moto 3 and the mini moto at seperate helping hands locations for me. $2 for the moto 3 and $5 for the mini. the blue unknown full face was at my aunt's garage sale for $.25, which rounds out my vintage helmet collection for a grand total of $7.25.