2012 ozark mountain scramble

The dates have been chosen. Same scenario as last year, but there will be some changes in route and lodging. I'll keep you posted here and here---------------------->CLICK


support the stump puller

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The Stump-Puller is a supercharged, twin engined M100 Panther built by www.VintageChop.com with the aim of going to Bonneville from the UK and setting a Land Speed Record. There has never been a twin engined panther built, let alone one with a blower on it!

Getting a couple of sizable sponsors is difficult at best if not impossible, so I've decided to try get lots of small sponsors. So this is where you come in... for your sponsorship of £15, you get an enamel pin, as well as a warm fuzzy glow inside.

100% of the money from these will be used to help VintageChop.com get the Panther Stump Puller to Bonneville to race.

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m&m customs 72 cb500 cafe

Mike McFadden sent in this slice of awesome pie the other day to feast your eyes on. Here's a few words on the build...

This is my first build sort of a flat tracker cafĂ© hybrid. I purchased the bike from a guy who had it sitting in his apartment and knew nothing about bikes. I got it for $200.00, and I’ve done everything you see here from the boxing of the frame to the metal work and paint. The tank is off of a cb750 and everything thing else is garage made.


ozark mountain scramble 2011 : done

What do you say after a journey like this? I mean, there are so many things to sum up over 3 days and 600 miles of riding, it is hard to put into words.

First and foremost I would like to thank everyone that made the run what it was/is. I know I couldn't be any happier with the way things went, and only plan to tweak a few things for next years ride. For the most part repairs were at a minimum. My bike seemed to be the most erratic in behavior, but nothing a handful of spark plugs, a couple fuses, and a ton of oil couldn't fix. Five riders in total had the gusto to join, and despite the low numbers the fun meter never dwindled. All riders but one fit all three criteria, but considering he became our Unofficial Road Captain and fit two of the three rules there is no reason to gripe. Good times had by all. See you next year!


ozark mountain scramble

Tomorrow the madness ensues throughout the Ozark Mountains. Ride your motorcycle.


wheelie race

Moped shenanigans.


cb450 build/entry : part 13

Ready to ride.