66 karmann ghia : quarter windows

I have decided to take some time off from the tt500 for a moment. Unfortunately after going through all the trouble to get the bike running, an exhaust bolt stripped out deflating what little hope I had left for the beast. With winter kicking in, I decided it was time to switch gears and try to seal up the Ghia from the elements to take my mind off the tt. It has set out in the weather for over a year now, and the small pin holes in the floor pans are now expanding at a rapid pace. I've been doing some heavy reading on what parts go where, and how to do everything. Apparently it's not just a slap them in place sort of job, and requires a fair amount of time and brain cells to do properly.

Each quarter window requires a hinge post, two aluminum channels, a handful of fasteners, some rubber stuff, and a shit load of patience. Everything has to line up perfect or the window won't close properly. After two days of fiddling, I so far have managed to finish the passenger side and get started on the drivers.

Lower channel and seal installed first.

Then on to the upper.

See the crazy curvature the channels have to follow? Pain in the ass.

Hinge pillar in now. This took some heavy sweat equity to bolt in place without breaking it into three pieces. A lot of it was trimming all the rubber just right.

Rubber seal carefully fitted and trimmed to the upper and lower channels. Almost looks like a window should bolt right in. Almost.

I didn't take a pic of how the hinge blocks work or attach, but there are three per window. Each one is a block of hardened rubber that slides into the window hinge channel, and attaches to the hinge post with one screw per block. Unfortunately the seals for the hinge don't have the holes pre-cut, so some samurai precision razoring did the trick. Using the old seal for a guide saved some head scratching.

The window is now attached to hinge pillar and locking hinge fastened to the inside of the car. Unfortunately I still have a good amount of adjusting for the hinge to lock in place properly. Everything fits super tight, so I think the aluminum channels that were first attached need to move inboard ever so slightly. I decided at this point and time that things were good enough to start tackling the drivers side. Unfortunately things weren't fitting quite as well as the passenger side, and anger began to take over. Instead of chucking the glass against something, I decided to take a breather. I'm going to take it nice and slow now and hopefully have not only the quarter glass installed, but also the door glass seals done by the end of the week.

I know this is probably the most boring post ever, but dammit I spent my New Year putting in all the hard work to get very little visual satisfaction. What isn't shown is all the scrubbing, cleaning, straightening, etc. done to get to where I am now. About 8-10 hours or so of work and counting just on some jackass windows. I've still got a pretty heavy to do list of things I want to accomplish by the end of February, and that is going to mean a solid commitment of more time in the garage. Running and rolling maybe?

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Anonymous said...

looks good. Thanks for documenting this. I have the same task coming up and have not a clue on how to do it.