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cb360 stocker

Didn't take too much to get it running good. Replaced a coil, threw a Radio Shack rectifier on, cleaned the petcock bowl and tank out. Still got some cleanup and fine tuning to do, but not too shabby so far. Crappy video proof below.


tt500 + cb360 = kz400?

Over the weekend I agreed to trade a couple project bikes for the kz400. One being a 80 tt500 needing some love, and the other a 74 cb360 with a spare motor and assorted parts. The tt500 will be a long term project, while the cb360 will be a rider until my cl350 hits the streets. As if that wasn't enough, last night I picked up a cb350 basketcase and some extra parts to help fill some voids on the cl350.

The tt500 had a beat up tank, so I threw on a cb350 spare I had laying around. Didn't take much to make it fit, so I think it's going to stay. We'll see, as I have yet to nail down any sort of plan at the moment.

The cb360 just needs a quick rewire and some tuning to be roadworthy. The front fender is in good shape, and will be thrown on once the front brake is sorted.

I'll see about snapping some pics of the cb350 basket later this afternoon.