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viral difficulties

the past six months have brought an onslaught of battles between man and machine. currently, the robots are winning. frustration is hitting an all time high.


rd400 with multiple personalities UPDATE

one of the coolest bikes in the history of ever was given a proper makeover.

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kz400 progress report

the slowest build in the history of ever has made another inch in the right direction. frame is at powder as we speak, with it to be back in my hands by tomorrow afternoon. i just need to finish adjusting the valves before we plop the motor back in. i have officially accomplished jack shit in the garage compared to winters past, but still somehow managed to tidy up some loose ends.

maybe this is the year of completion?


heart broken

i don't know how to cope on this one.

since the day my daughter was born, my dog gnarls has been neglected of exercise and social interaction. almost a year already, and his health/overall happiness has been slowly dwindling. you could see it in his eyes and the way he carried himself. no dog or human should live like that. life should be filled with happiness and love from the people you cherish most. i feel nothing but failure and regret at the moment. as a family, we had decided it was best to give him a new home. our biggest hurdle would be to find someone capable and trustworthy enough to give him what he deserved. it had been a topic of discussion with some close friends and family, but we never really solicited it. there were no newspaper or craigslist ads placed, as we refused to hand him over to a complete stranger. the stars must have aligned. apparently my brother had been wanting to get a new dog for a little while, but just hadn't found the right one. my brother understands what a special dog he truly is. things couldn't have worked out better, but i still feel the sting of sadness. you get accustomed to having your buddy follow you from room to room. it's gonna take some time to get back to some sense of normal. luckily i can still visit and check in on him to make sure they are a good fit.


norton manx

it's on the "before i die" list, whether that be ride or own. i won't be picky about it.


twine ball run venue change

just got word that the original location just wasn't gonna jive. have no fear folks, a new venue has been selected and booked. check here for more info---------------------->CLICK