kz400 build/entry : part 7

i've been on hiatus from the garage for quite some time now. back in the saddle, i have made some progress. seat loop can be checked off the list now. i whipped up a seat pan as well, but still need to make the mounts and sort out the foam.


ozark mountain scramble

i'm going to bump this post every few months to keep the buzz going. i'm hoping to get a pre-run in soon to start working out any possible kinks.

it's official. there are still some loose ends to tie up, but the general route and date has been determined. lodging currently is the only questionable item at the moment, but rest assured it will come to fruition. with the date set for June of next year, you have plenty of time to get a work horse assembled and your calenders cleared for three days. i'll try and update whenever new information comes to light. any and all other information will be mainly kept here----------------------------------->CLICK

feel free to spread the word around.

kz400 build/entry : part 6

i've been slowly plugging along on the kz. unfortunately i haven't had much time available to me in the garage, so i am doing what little i can here and there. on my lunch break, i snatched up some rectifiers to build a new one. the old setup was haggard and unfit for road use by any measure, so it was time to finally build one from scratch. there are quite a few different setups i have seen built before, and all are supposed to work just as good if not better than the stock setup. total cost from radio shack came in under $15 versus the usual $50-$100 used units on ebay. i have a chunk of 3/8" aluminum stock to be used as a heat sink, so that is covered already. i received my new petcock in friday leaving only a few things left on the list to check before the first start.

1. check valve timing
2. points gap
3. check advance unit/weights and clean/lube
4. make gaskets for new intake
5. simple wire job to run