cb450 build/entry : part 1

Brad sent me some pics and a little background on the start of his build for the ozark mountain scramble. couldn't be more stoked to have others start to make a commitment to the run, let alone as much help Brad has been willing to shell out. here's the skinny from the horse's mouth...

The first picture is the 72 CB450 as I purchased it. A 24K mile unmolested original. I am lucky because I get to be the first to molest it! The bike looks a lot nicer in the picture than it really is. Underneath the seat, tins and tank it is very crusty.The second picture is after I spent a few hours stripping it down this morning. The 3rd pic is the parts that will go back on the bike in one form or another. The last picture is of all the parts that I am going to try to sell to fund the build. I was careful with the wiring harness hoping to sell it as a complete, unmodified original harness. I got a crash bar and luggage rack with the bike that will hopefully be able to bring in a few bucks. I spent $900 to buy this bike. My thinking is that spending extra for a very good engine/trans etc would reward me because I can do most of the rest of this build with rattle cans, elbow grease and scrap metal. I paid $20 for the black 1/4 fairing in the third picture so I am at $920 on a $1000 budget. I am hoping to sell most of the take off parts and maybe pump another $100 back into the budget so I'd have $180 for paint, chain & misc - maybe a new front tire. Of course there will be things I didn't plan for so I need some extra $$.
I really like the CBs that Dime City Cycles is pumping out so I am doing a mild "Manx" style early Cafe build with this Honda.


if you would like to submit any build pics/information regarding your ozark mountain scramble entry, send them to hatchethairy@yahoo.com


kz400 build/entry : part 8.5

this post isn't really much of an update, but i figure it can't hurt to post what's going on at the moment. to summarize in short, absolutely nothing has been done to the bike for a multitude of reasons. mainly due to laziness, crappy weather, thin wallet disease, and my all time favorite four wheel transportation kicking up random fits wasting what little garage time i have available. however i am proud to finally say that an 8oz can of POR-15 tank sealer will be in route today. this will coat both the intake and gas tank giving me the first opportunity to hear it's hearty vroom vroom noises. exited to say the least.