cb360 build/entry : part 2

Frame and tank have been painted and reassembly has begun. Parts have been coming in at a steady pace with a few hiccups along the way. Hopefully we can wire and fire it this weekend to hear it run for the first time. I made up a kick only wiring diagram that is untested at the moment. We'll know if something explodes soon enough. Here's some crappy pics to prove all of the above.


kz400 build/entry : part 16

Took the bike on it's maiden voyage last night at around 10pm with no front brakes and dodgy rear brakes at best. Considering it hasn't been jetted outside of the stock cr125 settings, it ran rather well. Still running rich, but nothing that can't be sorted with some tinkering. Also whipped up a more current wiring diagram that may be of use for others out there with a kick only setup.


kz400 build/entry : part 15

Wiring is on the verge of being finished, just lack a brake light switch to consider it done. Installed some new stainless allen head case cover bolts, so good riddance to the old phillips head shite. The last of the main checklist include seat mounts, install fork seals, brake pads front/rear, and tuning the carb. Not far off at all now.


kz400 build/entry : part 14

It's alive!

Fired up on the second kick. I didn't expect it to go so smooth, so the camera wasn't even near for the first fire. I got it idling for the most part, but it's running pretty rich on the idle circuit. I also found a couple oil leaks that can be ignored for a little while, but a topend gasket kit is in order. The intake is definitely favoring the left side of the motor, but we'll see what happens when it gets down jetted a bit before making any modifications to it.


kz400 build/entry : part 13

Somehow the stock seat made it's way back on the bike, and I think it's for the better. I love the new look, and it's way more comfortable than the camping mat setup. The pan is super rusty where the seat cover attaches, so hopefully I can salvage it with some self tapping screws or rivets. The cover has a small tear, but it adds some character. It also affords me a crap ton more room to hide a battery and electrics, so that's another plus. Just have to make some new mounts, and it should be good to run.

Also finished doing the wiring for the rectifier.

New brake shoes front and rear are on their way, along with fuel line, filter, and fork seals. Should have things wrapping up at a rapid rate of speed now.


cb450 build/entry : part 11

More ...just waiting for body work to be finished to paint the tank and tail - also for the seat to be covered. So far I'm really happy with how it is turning out.