cl350 build/entry : part 2

Slight update on the cl350. Finally got the k0 tank from ebay in, and while it will definitely need some cosmetic work, it looks to be in a runnable state at the moment. Also did some horse trading with a local on some header pipes. I had a set of the cl pipes, he had a set of cb headers, so everyone walks away happy. Thanks Randy! Still need to source some mufflers, but things are starting to come together finally. The most immediate plan as of this moment is to get some coils and a condenser to hear this beast fire. I would prefer to chase down any possible motor issues now before dumping money into cosmetic parts at the moment, so this will be paramount. In the meantime I've been giving all the chrome bits a once over with steel wool or a wire wheel.


NWA vintage breakfast club

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cl350 build/entry : part 1

2012 Ozark Mountain Scramble is in half swing, so in light of that fact I am starting my build for next years gallop through the Ozarks.

A 73 cl350 purchased for the lowly sum of $50 will be the subject, and I will be going in a completely different direction compared to last years build. I've been in the planning stages for quite some time now, and think I finally have a good grasp as to what I need to get or do to make it all happen. I am missing quite a few parts from the start, but a little number crunching puts me around an estimated total cost around $750 if all goes as planned. I whipped up a quick wiring diagram in a kick only fashion, but to make things a little more challenging I have decided to rewind the stock stator for better output. A little research has yielded info concerning it's lack of charge capabilities especially when using an h4 beam for the headlight. The rewind will increase the output a considerable amount over stock which will allow me to run the higher wattage bulb as well as a good recharge on the battery. You can purchase higher output stators for this very occasion, but I am far too frugal(cheap) to spend such a large amount of my budget on just one part of the build. First purchase has been an early K0 model cb350 tank to supply fuel. Paid more for the tank than the bike itself, so I hope it's worth every penny. Digital mock up is finished, now I just need to make it a reality.


Wiring Diagram

Digital Mock-up