cb360 build/entry : part 1

Another build saga begins/continues for the Ozark Mountain Scramble.

Mr. Wixil has stepped up to the plate, challenged to make a previously failed attempt at last years Scramble a success. Starting where Cail left off, he has shifted a smidge in build direction in favor of a scrambler/tracker configuration. Carbs and getting the beast fired are among the immediate items of the short list. A skanky seat that needs a good shave and recover has been put into play as well as a sl350 rear fender needing some massaging for fit. Inspirational photoshop included.


NWA vintage breakfast club

Another Northwest Arkansas Breakfast Club meet next Saturday. Should be a real hoot.


kz400 build/entry : part 17

Friday evening a member of the kz400 forum mentioned my carb cover looked like it was restricting way too much on airflow which could cause a rich condition at half throttle on. Well, it just so happens I've been battling the jetting from half throttle on due to a rich condition. Duh! Pulled the carb cover off and ran her down the block to test it out. Sure as shit, she ran great all the way up to WOT! Decided to run a sheet of corrugated aluminum and cut the top of the fence post cap off to make a sort of velocity stack look. Ran it about 100 miles or so Saturday without a hiccup. I love the internet, but more importantly I love this motorcycle.

I've been lazy getting any updated pics since completion, but finally snapped a few today.

Previous carb cover:

Updated carb cover:

Side shots: