cb550 build/entry : part 2

Some more pics of the 2012 OMS bike. Got it stripped down, fender trimmed, rear frame hoop hacked off and tacked up some handlebars. I guess I'm waiting for the perfect tank to fall from the sky. Maybe I'll stumble on to one. I'd love to go with a Triumph tank but it'd probably be waste of a good tank.



cb360-1 build/entry : part 1

Another build saga begins for the Ozark Mountain Scramble.

My name is James. I just bought a 1974 cb360t for 450 bucks. The plan is to paint it, and do something with the seat. I would like to do something with the exhaust as well. I got it running and rode it, but blew the back tire out. Had to buy some new ones, sucks but oh well. Started on my seat today, and will have it in primer Tue. ready for paint on Wed. Will send pics of it done and as things progress.


xs650 build/entry : part 1

Tim has sent me a little info on his chosen work horse for the 2012 Ozark Mountain Scramble. Below is the first entry for his build saga.

I went for a bike ride and found this gem at a local yard sale. All I could think of when I saw it was Purple Rain, Puuuurple Raaaaiiiiiiiin! So with all its gayness I decided the price was right so I picked it up. It is a 1979 Yamaha XS650 Special. Back in the day when this bike was new I never gave these little machines a second look. All I wanted to do was go fast and if it did not have a 3 cylinder 2-stroke or an inline 4 cylinder UJM I was not interested. I have been noticing a few of the XS's modified and I am impressed with the results. The plan for right now is to get it running and mechanically sound to make sure we have a solid foundation to chop from. I will leave it a swing arm bike as Western NY roads are pothole riddled and the only way to ride fast is with a suspension. I plan on doing the entire build myself just like when I was younger and a lot more broke and had no choice in the matter. We will see where this takes us Stay tuned.

Barn Fresh

Dirty, Rusty and Bone Stock

Ultra Gay

Washed Up! Ready for a new Look!