ca77 drag bike : part 02

A good handful of the group met up last Friday night to pull the motor, stare at stuff, and drink beer. The motor came out pretty easy, but for some reason we couldn't get the front end to release it's death grip. It won't matter now, as we are just going to sell off the rolling chassis and parts to recoup some of the initial investment.

Kickass 17" spoolie wheel sans bearings.

Probably the coolest update is that we are now waiting to receive an Aisin amr300 supercharger from Australia for some cheap horsepower. We will probably run an alcohol fed 30mm Amal in a draw through configuration, but will know more when it arrives. I don't know shit about blowers, so it will be a learning experience. World's fastest Dream maybe?

Also, the group has decided to build two bikes now, with the other being a BSA A65. When I get some solid info on it, I'll post up some progress.


ca77 drag bike : part 01

It was a good weekend for motorcycles. Me and the little one hit up the local swap meet Saturday morning amidst all the rain and mud to search for some two wheeled gold. Within a few minutes I scored a NOS Lucas tail light for $5 to replace the cheap busted one on my cl350. Unfortunately that was my only personal plunder.

However, as for the drag bike project, we found ourselves a donor. A fairly rough ca77 Honda Dream with a motor that turns over freely and shifts smoothly. Right now the group is collectively deciding it's fate, but a quick tear down session will commence soon to see where we are at. The pic below shows the seat and tank missing, but we still have those to barter with for some go fast parts. Price point was low enough that we can start searching for a spare motor or two and other necessary parts to make a roller.

A couple quick facts I have discovered when doing research for this project.

ca77 Dream motor:
1. 360 degree crank
2. single carb head
3. extremely mild cam for street
4. extremely short 1st gear

cb77/cl77 Hawk/Scrambler motor:
1. 180 degree crank (less vibration=higher RPM)
2. dual carb head
3. hotter cam profiles
4. taller trans gear profile

The trans gear sets apparently can be crossed to get a better shift pattern often done in road racing. I'd like to see if the gears can be mix and matched to get a good gearing for the 1/4 mile. Obviously final drive sprockets will help determine that as well, but it can't hurt to increase our odds of holeshot.

I still haven't confirmed it yet, but apparently we can run a hotter cam profile made for both the cl/cb in the ca with a little tweaking to suit. Also the heads can be swapped between them if need be. One thing I found intriguing was that you can run the 360 degree crank as a twingle. Basically the motor fires both cylinders on the same stroke acting as a "single" of sorts instead of a wasted spark. A few flat trackers swear by it, and in honesty flat track is a drag race from one end of the track to the other, so it makes sense. This of course adds more vibrations than usual in the bottom end, so it's definitely something to think about. Another idea that has been tossed around is supercharging, but it's still too early to tell whether that's feasible or not yet. Feels good just to have a starting point.

Just want to make note that most of the information I have found has been through the 305 forum. Extremely helpful for any restoration or even vintage racing.


tt500 build : part 1

Well, it's officially put up or shut up time. I've been going back and forth about what bike I wanted to build for next years Ozark Mountain Scramble. My choice was between a tt500 I scored in trade, or a cb350 parts bike from last years leftovers that helped create the cl350. Both would be fun projects starting at $0, but the biggest factor that pushed me over the edge towards the tt is a sense of unfamiliar territory. That and the tt500 should wheelie whenever I ask it to. The cb could be fun, but I just couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to build, and it seemed too easy to do another 350. I'll dig into the cb at a later date, or just make it my build for 2014, we'll see

With that said, I finally figured out how I want to approach the tt. Originally I wanted to go all out with a wheel swap, USD forks, etc. I've crunched the numbers, and that just isn't going to happen on a $1000 budget even if I start out at $0. Parts add up fast, and at the moment this bike isn't even a runner yet. I do however have a brand new coil, points, and condenser set that came with the bike, so that's a bonus. The shift lever is welded to the shaft, so that will have to be sorted. I'm still missing a shim needed to re-install the points cam I got a while back from ebay. Once I get the shim in, I can get it running and see where I need to go from there. It's a 6 volt system, so I'll have to decide if I want to swap it all to 12v or not. Still on the fence about it.

Cosmetic wise, I'm keeping it simple. A cruddy cb350 tank I had lying around looked good on the backbone, so it's staying once I figure out some mounts. The rear seat frame needs some mods including moving the upper shock mounts back a bit. I've got a duck bill style kz400 fender from my 2011 OMS build that should look good. The stock shocks in the back will stay, but the forks up front will be replaced with a non leading link type from an earlier year. The 21" and 18" wheel combo will stay for now with some cheap enduro style tires.



Money is tight right now with the dragbike project coming up, my Ghia, and a decent sized house remodel. That's about the norm around here, so in the spirit of frugality it works out great when building a scramble bike. Anyone else got anything in the works?



cr77 doppelgangers

With all the recent talk of building a Honda 305 drag bike, I have been seeking out some go fast options we as a team should pursue for period correct modifications. What I didn't expect to find was a 305 with a cb450 top end slapped on it. Obviously there is way more work done than meets the eye, but the biggest surprise of all is just how well executed everything looks. If you didn't know any better, you would mistake it for a production racer of sorts similar to a cr77. Unfortunately for us, this is neither period correct or easily doable without a heavy amount of welding and machining to make it remotely feasible. It's still some great eye candy though.

Another well executed cr77 tribute of sorts can be found with a Suzuki gs400 top end. Similar modifications were made to get a good fit, but from my gatherings this would be the "easier" option of the two. Not that any of this would really be easy, but it has been lingering heavily in my mind the past couple weeks. A new personal goal of mine is to create a similar hybrid motor with the cb450/500 top end. It's probably not going to happen anytime soon, and in all honesty not very practical, but that's kinda the fun of it really. Hopefully I will learn a thing or two, and if things gets screwed up, it's only metal.


WTB drag bike project

Me and a handful of my bestest buds have decided to build a drag bike for next years HAMB drags located at MoKan Raceway in Joplin MO. As of right now we are searching for a pre 65 era motorcycle, and obviously an affordable donor. We are trying to keep the cost minimal and the fun at maximum, so if you know of anyone or anything out there that has what we are looking for please send an email to hatchethairy@yahoo.com. Even just a good core motor/carb set would be a starting point as we plan to build our own chassis and piece meal the rest. HD or British is probably out of reach for us, so we like the challenge of building from a twin like the 305 motor(cb77/cl77). This year, only one bike made it out to the HAMB drags, so we are hoping to change that and possibly inspire others out there to come race with us. With that said, I will put up some pics that are our source of inspiration.

Also, I should be starting my 2013 Ozark Mountain Scramble build real soon. I'm still deciding whether I want to start with my tt500 or a cb350 basket case I got to rob parts off of for the cl350 project. As of right now, both projects have 0 dollars in them, so I have a goal set to try and spend only $500 this year. It's going to be tough, but the challenge to build it so cheap is half the fun anyways. This is going to be one hell of a fun winter. I'm pumped.