Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have decided to move the Ozark Mountain Scramble to the 29th through the 31st of May. Unfortunately someone decided to throw a HUGE country music festival in Ozark Arkansas the same days of the originally scheduled OMS. With a festival this large in such a remote location, there is a guarantee that traffic will suck and be extremely inflated. There aren't many ways in or out of the town of Ozark, so we would be riding a slight circle around and eventually though the festival on the third day. Not good at all. I've tossed around the dates to some OMS alumni, and the decision for the last week of May was made. I hate to do it, but I would rather move everything a week forward than have 3 days of shitty riding with drunkards swerving at us. Safety first, fun comes second, and I'm sure there is a third to plug in there somewhere that's fitting.

Also, for some reason it has completely slipped my mind to post up some press for last years run published on Chop Cult. Mike of 47 Industries joined us for the run last year all the way from New Jersey with a couple buddies in tow. Afterwards he was kind enough to put together an article after a quick Q & A session and submit it. If you haven't seen it already, check it out HERE. Another chunk of light reading can be seen over at Chopper Creeps site that Tim from New York put together. It's a good chronicle of the journey to Arkansas, the ride itself, and a bit of the trek back up North. See the write up and some additional ride pics in three parts: ONE TWO THREE