xs650 karate part 1

got the hardtail from kansas kustom. bill is a stand up guy, and the quality is nice. also he made the tail a 2" stretch instead of his normal 4" for a couple bucks extra. it's not welded on yet, just wanted to get a feel for the parts i have collected for it. enjoy.....


gravel crew

it must be something in the water.....


otto nero blog found.... moto art?

another blog with not really much english, but got some cool shit off there the other day....

mother frickin stunta!


xt350 new daily workhorse?

next weekend i am supposed to receive one of these dual purpose bikes to use as a daily rider. i can't frickin wait.

it definitely has tracker project written all over it. check out the inspiration pics below...


450 trackers

i'm left speechless....


RYZART t-shirts

New shirts printed by the guys over at American Icon screenprinting. $15 plus shipping. Paypal, check or MO are accepted. Email RYZART:ryzart@yahoo.com to order. Sizes L and XL only at the moment.

I have only a few more of these available in L and XL only. $12 plus shipping. Email RYZART:ryzart@yahoo.com to order. Paypal, check or MO are accepted.


artist spotlight

horror from the jj has blessed us with a few illustrations. wacky shit, but cool none the less. check out his site too.


SR heaven awaits you....

i don't know where this website has been hiding all this time, and in fact i don't know most of what is typed upon the pages, regardless it contains the coolest SR built machines on the PLANET! check out stinky..... you will like it.