mulligan machine shirts and stickers finally

i started a store for quite a few designs i have been sitting on for a while, so buy em up!

also, let me know if you got any special requests....

mulligan machine swag


boylecomm or BCM

the sr500 posted below was built by a guy named kim. he is a true craftsman with an eye for aesthetic and function combined to make one killer scoot. i checked out his blog, and it's got some rad content within as well. see for yourself....

within his blog was found another kickass website.


xs650 karate part 2 : new bars

chopped up some stockers and this is what i came up with.

sr500 me oh my


fenderless xs650

this bike is straight up gangster boogie, unlike any other xs650 i have seen without being retarded. drink in the details, there are quite a few.

rd400 with multiple personalities

Blacksmith Cycles showed this little gem over at the TCU, and i just couldn't resist passing on a pile of gold for your viewing pleasure.

" Here's the pedigree:
77 RD400, Suzuki T500 tank, Evo Sporty front end, PM 6 piston front caliper, early 70's Sporty hoops, cut down Softail rear hub. The heads are cut for compression and this winter it gets a full port job. Loud as fuck and fast as hell!!!"


UPDATE : xs650 post from june

here are some words about the bike from the owners blog:

"I promised to show my motorcycle build, so here it is. It took me a long time to build, because when I started this project I was WAY under qualified. That didn't stop me from learning to weld and fabricate enough to do the job though. So far it has stayed in one piece - even at highway speeds (+).

This bike was my reaction to wanting an antique bike but not being able to afford one. I figured I'd make my own version. It started life as a 1977 Yamaha 650xs and I quickly cut the frame up and began making it into what is is now. Most of the parts were originally on another machine - be it a motorcycle, tractor, truck etc...

Some would call it a "chopper" and technically I did chop it, but others would call it a "bobber" style. I just call it the most fun I've ever had on a motorcycle. You dig?"

swingarm xs650 chop

crazy orange

the other dutch xs650...

mulligan machine man

vincent black shadow : this is a fact, NOT a slogan