the purple helmets

this shit had me grinning from ear to ear. thanks motorcycho for posting up on your blog.



norton chop

you just don't see that many nortons getting the axe. this one is done rather nicely.


triumph rollin on 16's

this build was documented on the jj a while back. if memory serves me, it is a flyrite frame and a repop 45 springer. the whole package is nicely done.


this is your captain speaking

my daily 4 wheel transport kicked me to the curb the other day and a mad scramble to fix it has eaten a lot of time/sleep. i should be back up and running by days end tomorrow, so hopefully this slump is a short one.

i have decided to simplify things a bit on the blog, by reducing m/m art and cutting out the store temporarily. maybe even permanently. i am unsure as of right now what the future holds, but tomorrow is always a new day i suppose.

on sad note, i have decided to sell off some of my parts stash and extra projects. bitter sweet i suppose. all of it will end up funding the finish of my current project. this one needs to be FINISHED before a baby kicks its way through my wife's vagina. funny thing is i always see for sale ads titled "baby forces sale", and thought it was a total cop-out or lame excuse for selling. boy do i feel like a douche now. i think getting this one project done now, before the baby gets here, is the best chance i have at really keeping any of them.

keep on keepin on, i reckon.....


cb250 street trackers

who knew a smaller cc bike that would normally be shunned could look so rad? i have no doubt that with some weight reduction and tuning they could run rather well. pretty inspiring. talk amongst yourselves.....

edit: builder site here


righteous ironhead chopper

put together oh so nicely with classy bits all around. a wheelie pic would top this post off, but alas i have none.....