McDeeb kz400 scrambler

i have always dug the kz400 for some odd reason, but more so lately than ever. you can dress them up however you please, with a stunning end result if done correctly. this fine specimen is a shining example of that.

builder link here------------------------------------------------------>CLICK


kz400 mild custom

pink is the new black?

just need to ditch the apes and throw on some tracker bars.


srv250 renaissa

from what i gather, these were never available to the states, and had a little more pep than the xv250 virago. i suppose if it had a 500-650 lump for a heart it could have been more marketable here. i wouldn't kick it out of bed though, especially considering what most of the big guns are pumping out nowadays. the closest competition would have been the nighthawk. it's a shame really.


tt500 missing link prototype motor

out of boredom, i was digging thru some old mags, and came across my november/december issue of motorcycle classics. i apparently never finished the back half of the mag, which contains a sub-article on one of the first tt500 prototype engines slipping thru the crusher.

quite a read-------------------------------------------->CLICK

pages 4 thru 6 are the meat and potatoes of the motor saga.

now i just got to go scout some parades in hopes of some poor bastard looking to offload a piece of moto history for a few pennies.

EDIT: some more pics before the discovery of what the machine really was, about a quarter of the page down--------------------------------------------------->CLICK

rd400 daytona stuntin

so glorious.


evo sporty chopper : bratstyle

undeniably supreme.------------------------>CLICK



ft500 cafe

taking one of the ugliest road bikes and turning it into two wheeled gold.

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