kz400 street raper : got some new boots

thanks to motoguru with blood falcons for the hookup. gonna start cracking on that intake sometime this week hopefully.



kz400 street raper : seat done

my buddy dropped off the seat pan for his kz400 cafe over a month ago. he just got back from vacation to find out it was finally finished. not only that, it only cost $60 cash to get it all done up including the foam. i haven't seen it in person yet, just the pics below. it looks good from where i am sitting though.

kz400 street raper : WTB intake boots

WTB: kz400 intake boots any condition

i know this is probably a long shot, but i need a pair of intake boots for a 79ltd kz400. they can be cracked and worn out. condition is not important really, as long as the internal metal flange still resides. i am needing them for the start of a single carb intake. so if you are going to be replacing yours anyways, here is a way to make back some of that cost for your new ones. shoot me an e-mail if you got anything. i also have a crap ton of parts to trade if need be.

EDIT: think i got what i need. appreciate all the e-mails and offers. i'll post up again if i still need any.



xs650chopper.com : DO IT YOUR DAMN SELF CONTEST

Would you like to win a free Biltwell metal flake helmet?

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Here’s the deal. Send in a technical or how to article that would be helpful to someone chopping a Yamaha XS650. To enter and win, send in a how-to article that is at least 200 words (that’s only a paragraph) and has two pictures. A good how-to article should have a beginning and end. The idea here, is to have useful information for some one who is building a Yamaha XS650 chopper. Here are some good examples lower your XS650 forks or this wiring diagram. For ideas on article topics, look through the XS650 library , the XS650 links section, or look through the comments for questions that come up frequently.

You can submit your article using the submission form here.

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  • Plagiarism is not cool, however; if you have written something somewhere else you can republish it.

Again, to qualify the article must:

  1. Be at least 200 words (that’s only a paragraph)
  2. Have at least two high quality descriptive pictures.
  3. Be Yamaha XS650 chopper related.
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Thanks to Tyler @ Lowbrow Customs.

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nom nom

i watched zombieland the other day with the little one. apparently it had a lasting impression, cause she's been eating brains ever since.



yamaha tricker 250

have you ever wondered what would happen if a supermoto slept with a trials bike, and yielded some sort of moto hybrid child? wonder no more.


ultimate urban assault moto?


tdr250 street tracker

this concept should have gone so horribly wrong.

much to my surprise though, it worked out great with the flawless example seen here.

guess who--------------------------------------------------------->CLICK