cb750 : minimal wiring diagram UPDATE!

the diagram needed one terminal eliminated and just piggy backs A on the starter switch. C on my switch is only activated when you press in on the key for a HORN or better yet a CHOKE on a boat motor. i also found a cheaper source for the same switch here------------------------------------------->CLICK

so far everything is functioning and in proper working order. i'll post up and update in the next few weeks to confirm. also, i fixed the pic link below to show the proper updated diagram.


cb750 : minimal wiring diagram

just finished photoshopping a wiring diagram for the cb750 today, borrowing parts of a diagram i found on the net. the starter switch is a return spring marine grade style, very similar to how your car ignition works. one less button to have in the mix of things, which cuts down the wiring and clutter. i started building my new harness last night, and hopefully will have it finished this evening. it still isn't 100% tested yet, so proceed with caution for the moment. i will post up a report as soon as i find out for sure.

UPDATE HERE----------------------------->CLICK


cb750 : update

i started removing some stuff, and have it right about where i want it. i am keeping this one a simple rider with no crazy riff raff right now. i still have a few little things to tidy up, but mainly just maintenance.


cb750 : adoption

picked up this two wheeled behemoth this afternoon in trade on a secondary car just sitting in my driveway. i am going to cut some fat and clean up some lines a bit, but nothing too drastic. i started tweaking some stuff already, but nothing mind blowing. i'll post up something when i get some things sorted first.