mg midget exemplars

simple and classy always wins.


garage sale

it's time to clear out some goods.

champion style flat track fiberglass seat $60+ship SOLD

xs650 magneto setup minus rotor $75+ship (includes stator, stator bracket, and two voltage regulators) SOLD

xs650 flanged wheels including axles $60+ship SOLD

if interested, contact me at hatchethairy@yahoo.com for details


flying eyeball tees

time to get your fashion on---------------------->CLICK


sr400 custom

gravel crew built--------------------------->CLICK


ghost riders unite!

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motorcycle sabbatical : enter the midget

i've gone and bitten off a good chunk of a project containing a copious amount of midget parts(not all pictured). the plan is to build a fun little roadster(inspiration below) for the local curvy spots as well as a secondary daily driver. the cb750 is gone, so i will be on the prowl for an old jap twin shortly.

had to load up a pic of the body loaded on my s10. just one of five trips needed to get everything.