cl350 build/entry : part 4

A week or two back, I decided things were just getting overly difficult hunting down a bunch of stock parts that should have came with my cl350 donor. My budget was going to swell to the point that I wouldn't be able to get a few key items I really wanted to make it right. Luckily an inexpensive cb350 cafe basketcase popped up on the local CL harnessing 95% of the parts I need to make it work. What's left can be put together and sold off to fund other future projects or maybe even flip into 2013 build material(doubtful). Even so, the money spent on the basket was less than the parts I need sourced separately, so budget crisis has been averted. With that said, I snatched the cb350 forks and front fender with quickness to put on the cl. I kept the 19" cl wheel which fits the cb fender profile nice and snug. Intake boots robbed as well, so I am getting a tad closer to the first fire. Also got a bro deal on another front fender, that will help me lengthen the front and back to match my rendering. I'll hold off on that for the moment, as I really want to get the seat and rear fender figured out or at least under way before that becomes priority. All in all, not much progress to take pics of, but a steady amount of work ahead.

ozark mountain scramble 2012 ride map

Check it.

3 days of awesomeness grace this here map. Click for an overly exaggerated large print to see what's in store.


ozark mountain scramble 2011 pics

Now that cold weather is creeping in, I'm even more amped for next years ride. I've been getting a good amount of commitments from all over the US, so it sounds like it's growing a fair bit. If you haven't rode through the Ozarks, then you need to make this run a priority.


cb360 build/entry : part 3

I ordered an SLA battery last week to save space and weight. Since I'm going kick only on this little guy, I got a UB 1220. I had thought I picked up a 2.2 amp, but I think the 2 amp will be fine. I'm only going to run a headlight and taillight/brake light. This little battery looks a little like a VHS tape in size. I think the measurements are close to 6" x .75" X 3.5". After having a few cold ones with Captain Awesome, I talked myself into rewiring the bike from scratch. What's left of the stock harness I modified for this one is pretty ugly, and I'd hate to run into issues far from home because of 35 year old wiring. I also snagged some CL350 bars and a sheet metal seat pan from the previous iteration of this bike.

Battery tray and fuse block in progress.


cb550 build/entry : part 1

Brad's back with a new steed for next years ride. Here's the scoop...

I started on the '75 Honda 550 for next year's scramble. I think I'm going to build a four into two into one exhaust using a Flowmaster 2 into one that I got at a swap meet for $10. I removed the mufflers that were on it and now I've gotta find some pipe with a lot of bends(need 4 - 90s and some straight) or some tubing with a wall thickness that I can bend in my harbor freight bender without mangling it. 1.25" OD pipe will work.

Brad Green #1


cb360 stocker

Didn't take too much to get it running good. Replaced a coil, threw a Radio Shack rectifier on, cleaned the petcock bowl and tank out. Still got some cleanup and fine tuning to do, but not too shabby so far. Crappy video proof below.


ozark mountain scramble 2011 pics

More pics from this years run.


2012 ozark mountain scramble

Winter is creeping up, so why not procure a project bike to keep yourself warm with?


tt500 + cb360 = kz400?

Over the weekend I agreed to trade a couple project bikes for the kz400. One being a 80 tt500 needing some love, and the other a 74 cb360 with a spare motor and assorted parts. The tt500 will be a long term project, while the cb360 will be a rider until my cl350 hits the streets. As if that wasn't enough, last night I picked up a cb350 basketcase and some extra parts to help fill some voids on the cl350.

The tt500 had a beat up tank, so I threw on a cb350 spare I had laying around. Didn't take much to make it fit, so I think it's going to stay. We'll see, as I have yet to nail down any sort of plan at the moment.

The cb360 just needs a quick rewire and some tuning to be roadworthy. The front fender is in good shape, and will be thrown on once the front brake is sorted.

I'll see about snapping some pics of the cb350 basket later this afternoon.