cb360-1 build/entry : part 3

The bike is all legal now. I put 100 miles on it. It needed a clutch I got that done ran around the parking lot good to go don't want to use up my miles. See you all soon.


cb360 build/entry : part 6

Paint finished, registration almost ready, just waiting on the seat.


cb750-1 build/entry : part 5

After two 700 mile trips it was time for a reality check:

The king and queen seat looks awesome, and the sissy bar is really great to bungee your stuff to, but the seat is totally uncomfortable. My back went on strike, and so I started looking for a new, old seat without breaking the bank.

The 6 inch over forks match the seat perfectly, but twist like soft pasta when I just look at the brake lever, and god only knows how much bending they will still take after 36 years, before fatigue sets in terminally. They had to go!!!

New tubes were not in the budget. Fortunately I cleaned out a workbench last week and found a set of used standard fork tubes from a previous restoration. They have some rust where the head light brackets used to sit, but the seal area was OK. Out came the cherry picker, and 45 minutes later the bike was slammed to the ground with OEM stance. Nice!

The seat problem was solved on the other side of the big pond, where I found a vintage Giuliari seat on ebay Germany. It had terrible overspray and some busted seams and splits, but it was complete and no one bid on it. For 100 bucks (including shipping to relatives in Germany)  it was mine!!! My parent were shipping a box to me anyway, so they just stuck the seat into the package. This last purchase busted my $1000 ceiling by $50, but having no back pain on the long trip will be priceless!!!!

After cleaning the vinyl with acetone and rubbing off the primer on the delicate logos with silicone grease (works great), I patched the splits with a vinyl repair kit, sewed up a few seams and here it is:



cb500 build/entry : part 1

Derrick, a friend just sent a link to the Scramble web site, and it looks like too much fun to pass on. I have a small bike shop in Russellville, (not really a shop at all but I do a lot of work out of it). I am sending a couple pics of my cb500 Honda that I would like to ride in the Scramble. It looks like I may have more than 1k in it, but I build everything on these myself and come in around $900 on this.

Mark Holloway


ozark mountain scramble 2012 details

Hopefully everyone out there is in the final stages to get their bargain bashers ready for the Ozark Mountain Scramble, cause it's in full swing as of June 6th. We will meet at 2511 N 2nd Street Rogers, AR 72756 at 9 am SHARP to get acquainted and go over the day's ride. Plans are to hit the road by 9:45 and start our journey into the Ozarks.

There have been some adjustments to the daily maps as well as the main hi-res map, so all links have been updated and now show the slight route changes. To aid in directions, I have created some route sheets that will be provided on day one along with a copy of the hi-res map.You can see the route sheets here and here.

There are quite a few gas station options from day to day, however there are a handful that only accept cash without any ATMs near. Be prepared.

If you have any questions or concerns shoot an email to hatchethairy@yahoo.com.

Day One

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Day Two

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Day Three

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xs650 build/entry : part 3

Well we did the whole DMV dance last week and made Purple Rain legal for the road. The last time this bike had any road duty was 1986. I wanted to do a few hundred miles on it to make sure it will stay running and together on the Ozark Mountain Scramble. I did 250 miles over the weekend on country roads with many different elevations and terrain. The sample roads ranged from small village 30 mph streets to 5 mile long uphill pulls and hills with 70 mile per hour down hill sweepers.

What we found out is the engineers that designed and built this motor knew how to build the reliability in. Once I worked out the fuel issues with leaking petcocks and dry rotted fuel lines we were able to keep the motor running on 2 cylinders. Knock on wood the electrical is all stock and has never been played around with. Everything electrical works with the exception of the horn and the back light for the tachometer.

We need to address a few item that are not show stoppers but in the name of safety should be repaired. The list is as follows:

1) Replace the rear swing arm bushings. When you apply the rear brake it shifts the swingarm and changes the direction you are traveling.

2) Replace the fork seals as they are weeping and spraying down the front of the bike with oil.

3) Replace the front brake pads as they were oil soaked at one time and it takes a country mile to stop. I have ridden drum brake bikes with more front brake stopping power than this bike.

4) Replace the high-low beam switch on the handlebars I looked down one moment it was there then the next moment is was gone.

5) Wash it up and get it ready for the 1100 mile truck ride From NY to Arkansas.



xl500 build/entry : part 5

I finally decided on a real plan for the upper shock mount. The frame is a '79 and was originally a dual rear shock bike. I wanted the mono shock look so it took some doing. It's not done yet but it's better.

I slid the cb360 fork tubes up 1 1/2" and then shortened the stem almost another 1 1/2. Eventually I will cut the tubes and re-thread them but for now to keep cost low and get them done I left them sticking up through the upper clamp. This resulted in regular moto bars running right into the tubes. I made my own bars with a bend in the center and just twisted the clamps out a bit so the bars cleared the tubes.

I wanted the moto look for the exhaust but mufflers are pricey! I thought I'd score a mx canister for peanuts on ebay but no dice. Well seeing I don't like mufflers anyway I just made something that looked like a muffler. I am using a stock header and then it goes back to open 1 3/4" pipe. The canister ends I made from 12 and 16 gauge steel and wrapped them in annealed .025" aluminum held down with pop rivets.

The xr75 gas tank is maybe a gallon. The engine gets a solid 60+ MPG so I am hoping to be able to make it between fuel stops but inevitably I will run out. I hate carrying stuff so I wanted the tank easily removable so I can siphon fuel fast and easy right into the tank without the need for a fuel bottle. I am using a Motion Pro fuel line quick disconnect for the line. The tank mount uses a spring loaded quick release locking pin tethered to the tank. The seat and rear fender will use the pins as well so I can have the tank off in 30 seconds or so. This will also allow me access to the carb and coil and wiring fast and easy if need be.
I was concerned at first with the holding power of the pin but it is solid. Some careful lathe work keeps the receiver bungs snug too.



cb750-1 build/entry : part 4

My CB is ready, has 2 runs to the Dragon already under her belt (650 miles each) and runs strong. I'm ready!!!!



cb550 build/entry : part 7

Is it June yet???

Seat covered.

I'm ready.

Let's ride bitches...

Brad #1


cl350 build/entry : part 12

Ran the bike a good 100 mile circle on Saturday with little issue. A few miles in to the ride, my tag mount decided to jump off the bike. I apparently forgot it was only tack welded on. Later I found one of the screws on my battery tray had gone missing as well as my headlight plug being loose. Overall the ride was a success, as the bike ran nothing short of amazing. The rear shocks are a bit soft, but overall handling was decent. For now my main goals are to get the seat pan finished and covered, shorten all my cables, and start doing some paint and clean up work.

Tag carnage.

Temporary camping mat seat foam.

Cables need a few inches lopped off.

All together now.

Still deciding on paint. The fenders, headlight bucket, and air boxes will be painted silver.


OMS 2012 hotels and route maps

The official OMS hotels are now listed below. Make sure when you book your reservation, to note you are with the Ozark Mountain Scramble group. Both places are setting some rooms aside as well as some better rates for us with a group discount.

June 6th:

Quality Inn
1210 U.S. 62, Harrison, AR 72601
(870) 741-7676 ‎

June 7th:

La Quinta Inn & Suites Russellville
111 E Harrell Dr, Russellville, AR 72802
(479) 967-2299

Also, I am including new route maps for each day of the run.

Day One

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Day Two

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Day Three

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