kz400 build/entry : part 18

Videos. Keep forgetting to post these. Nothing special, but some closure on the project.


ozark mountain scramble 2011 pics

I've done a real crappy job posting up pics from the ride this year. I actually only took about three photos in total, while the rest had been taken by Brad and his wife Daphne. Really it's hard for me to focus on taking pretty photos, when I'd rather just relax and enjoy the ride. The Ozark Mountains harness some amazing roads, and this run covers a major percentage of the best it has to offer. I originally wanted to change the route this year, so we can hit other roads, but really there isn't really much room for improvement. A tweak here and there, but for the most part we'll probably be running the same route.


cl350 build/entry : part 3a

Here are the updated renderings to help me decide on paint. I like both versions, and as soon as I make a decision the other one starts to look appealing again.


cl350 build/entry : part 3

Well, it's been a couple months since my last update. Nothing crazy going on at the moment, but some good stuff none the less.

I finally got around to stripping the k0 tank purchase a while back. Amazingly enough there are only a couple small dents to address. Both wing emblem pockets look good, so I can run the original emblems like intended.

Also, been digging through all of my old parts stash to eBay for project funding. I found a set of early xs650 risers that have a ridiculously small amount of rise to them. They fit great and look better than the stock units, so I'll put that in the win column.

A good internet buddy tossed me a SUPER bro deal on some cb350 fork tins and side covers, which puts me that much further ahead. I had to modify these to fit my forks as they were originally intended for earlier model forks. Nothing a hand file, dremel sanding drums, and some patience couldn't take care of though. Still need to find some lower chrome fork tins, but honestly I have bigger fish to fry. While installing the new tins, I found that the left fork lower was attached and held in place only by the front axle! Something has gone severely wrong with the internals, so some investigating is definitely in order.

I think I have changed direction on the headlight to a bottom mount 5 3/4" style. I'll be trimming off the fork ears and fabbing a mounting bracket from the bottom tree somewhere. I'll post up the new rendering with paint options tomorrow.


NWA vintage breakfast club 09-24-2011

For some reason, I keep forgetting to post some ride pics from our local gatherings. I never bring a camera with me, so our good friends Daphne and Brad are the ones who provide documentation. Here are a few from today which put my personal route total to around 170 miles round trip. It must be mentioned that this "club" isn't really what you think of when discussing clubs. We don't have dues, strict guidelines, patches, t-shirts, etc. Just some folks who enjoy riding vintage bikes. I've made some really great friends since this all started, and many more to come. If you are in the area and would like to check it out, feel free to come out to our monthly meets and see what we are all about.


cb360 build/entry : part 2

I got aggravated last weekend due to a wiring mishap.  I rigged everything back up with the carbs on the bike in attempt some fire breathing.  Smoke came pouring out of the rectifier because I did something really stupid. In my head I had everything as was on the previous ignition test. I won't go into to too much detail other than I was trying to rush it while the lady was off at work.  I was defeated for the attempt, so I packed it up for the weekend and got back to doing honey-dos.  I couldn't leave it alone, so I put it all back together after work today, immediately catching my mistake from before.  It was both a eureka moment and a realization that I can be an idiot sometimes.  I robbed a plug wire and the battery off my 750, squirted in some go juice and whammy!  

I'm not calling this a total win since I didn't keep it running, but I feel a little better about the state of things.  I know I'm going to have to pull the clutch plates still, and there's plenty of parts to acquire and fabricate. 


NWA vintage breakfast club

Another Northwest Arkansas Breakfast Club meet next Saturday. Always a good time. Come join the shenanigans.