tt500 build : part 4

Got the new shift shaft in. Slid in place like butter.

1 step forward, 16 steps back. My steel clutch plates were warped and pitted pretty bad, so I snatched up a used set to make one good set.

When I went to put them all together, I noticed the count of fiber plates to be 7 instead of 8. Easy fix since I had spares now. When reassembling the clutch, things just weren't fitting together right. I started pulling everything back out and noticed a good crack on this gear as well as a nasty wear mark from the missing tooth on the kicker idle gear.

The old kicker idle gear next to the new one. Thanks for nothing stupid gear.

For some reason number 10 in the diagram just wouldn't come loose without a heavy amount of prying.

Which unveiled a whole mess of carnage.

Trans mainshaft markings.

With the guidance of those smarter than me, I have decided to replace the gear, spacer, washer, and then polish up the mainshaft with an oil stone. Replacement parts are now in route, but who knows if that will be the end of my battle getting this motor back together.


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